The Week at a Glance

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Thursday, March 1st
Opening Reception: Shoes of Memory by ceramic artist Jenny Stolzenberg
with guitarist Jerry Silverman: Songs of the Holocaust

Sunday, March 4th
Opening Ceremonies
Candle of Remembrance, Candle of Hope
Jan T. Gross: Reflections on the Frightening Legacy of the Holocaust
Charles Small: Globalization and Its Impact on Contemporary Antisemitism
Group Dinner (optional)
Anna Berkovitz: Revisiting Auschwitz

Monday, March 5th
University Religious Leaders breakfast and conversation with Jan T. Gross, Charles Small and Anna Berkovitz

Sarah Powley: Anne Frank in Rwanda A Workshop for Secondary Teachers

Tuesday, March 6th
Steven Kepnes/Kevin Hughes: New Directions in Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Wednesday, March 7th
Benaiah Yongo-Bure/Ali Dinar/Karen Hirschfeld: A Symposium on the Darfur Catastrophe

'Day to Save Darfur' Awareness Day on Campus

Thursday, March 8th
Movie: Protocols of Zion

see program for details

"Not only are cattle killed or looted, not only are people killed or made to flee, but water wells, precious in this very arid region, are poisoned. They are piled full of corpses."
Dr. Eric Reeves, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Oct. 13, 2006

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