Shoes of Memory
Holocaust Ceramic Work by Jenny Stolzenberg
Rueff Gallery, Pao Hall, Purdue University
March 1 - 15, 2007, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Gallery exhibits are free and open to the public.

Artist Statement
Opening Reception:
Friday, March 1, 2007, 7:30 PM
with musician Jerry Silverman Songs of the Holocaust

The seventy pairs of ceramic shoes that make up the exhibition, "Shoes of Memory: Holocaust Ceramic Work By Jenny Stolzenberg," evoke the memory of those who were lost in a concrete and tangible way. In addition to the ceramic shoes, images of the piles of shoes, clothing, hair, glasses and suitcases found in the warehouses of Auschwitz at liberation represent the absence of the millions of people who perished in the Holocaust.

Meticulously researched and rendered in clay, Stolzenberg's shoes return a sense of identity to the victims of the Holocaust by rescuing the shoes from their anonymity in the piles at Auschwitz.

The exhibit highlights the use of contemporary ceramics to address social justice issues and to explore the desire of second-generation artists to interpret the Holocaust and work through the traumatic history of their own survivor parents.

Stolzenberg's piece titled, "Forgive But Do Not Forget," forms the centerpiece of this exhibit. Her work has been widely exhibited in Great Britain and Europe, and is now being shown in North America.

This exhibit is on loan from The Vancouver Holocaust Centre, Canada.


Artist website: Jenny Stolzenberg Ceramics