Monday March 27th

          9:00am - University Religious Leaders - at Hillel
                                Breakfast and Conversation with Omer Bartov, Howard Wolpe
                                and Doris Fogel

          7:00pm - Matthews Hall Room 219, Purdue University
                                Round Table Discussion - Genocide Around the World
                                Moderator: Ray Dumett, Professor of History, Purdue

                                Rwanda, East Africa: "Genocide and Racism"
Leonard Harris, Professor of Philosophy, Purdue

                                Central America: "Guatemala & El Salvador"
                                                      Fr. James Barnett, OP, St. Thomas Aquinas and
                                                      Harry Targ, Professor of Political Science, Purdue

                                South-central Europe: "Kosovo"
Charles Ingrao, Professor of History, Purdue

                                Darfur: "Tragedy in the Sudan"
Ray Dumett, Professor of History, Purdue

                                Southeast Asia: "The Pol Pot Regime of Cambodia"
Kheang Un, Professor of Political Science,                                                       Northern Illinois University

                                Final Comment: Robert Melson, Professor of Political Science,                                                       Purdue




Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committee
2861 Linda Lane, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906


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