Sunday March 26th

          1:00pm - Stewart Center Rm 214, Purdue University Registration

          1:30pm - Session Chair: Susan Prohofsky
                                Mayor's Proclamation: Jan Mills, West Lafayette
                                Lon Heide representing Tony Roswarski
                                Remembering Simon Weisenthal: Professor Gordon Mork
                                Memorial Prayer: Rabbi Michael Rascoe, Congregation
                                Sons of Abraham
                                Candle of Remembrance - Candle of Hope
                                Musical Memorial

          1:40pm - Welcoming Remarks: Professor Daniel Frank, Director,
                                Jewish Studies Program, Purdue University

          2:15pm - "The Holocaust as Leitmotif of the 20th Century"
                                Omer Bartov, Professor of History, Brown University

          3:15pm - "Transcending Ethnicity: Peace Building through Leadership                                 Training"
Dr. Howard Wolpe Director, Africa Program
                                Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

          4:15pm - "From Internment to Rescue to the America Dream"
Doris Fogel, Holocaust Survivor

          5:00pm - Workshops
                                1. "Emmanuel Levinas: Useless Suffering"
                                Prof. Ann Astell, Prof. Sandor Goodhart, Octavian Gabor,
                                Dara Hill, Kathryn Ludwig, Michael R. Michau, Sol Neely,
                                Rebecca Nicholson-Weir, Monica Osborne
                                2. Conversations with the Speakers

          6:30pm - Hillel Foundation, 912 W. State St., West Lafayette
                                Supper (donation $10.00, students $3.00)





Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committee
2861 Linda Lane, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906


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