Sunday, November 13, 2011

KRANNERT AUDITORIUM, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana
1:30 PM - Registration

2:00 PM - Conference Opening Session
Session Chair: Susan Prohofsky
Mayors’ Proclamation: Mayor John Dennis, West Lafayette & Mayor Tony Roswarski, Lafayette
Candle lighting, accompanied by “Ani Ma’amim – The Anthem of the Victims” 
Candle of Remembrance: Survivors
Candle of Hope: Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren of Survivors
Memorial Prayer: Rabbi Audrey Pollack, Temple Israel
Musical Tribute: Psalm 90:In Every Age,
Music by Dr. Brad Bodine & the St. Thomas Aquinas Singers

2:40 PM - Opening Remarks - Representative Sheila Klinker

3:00 PM - Israel Nussbaum in Memoriam
The Sixth Rabbi Gedalyah Engel Lecture

               Peter Hays, Professor of English, University of California, Davis

4:00 PM - "Coming to America" -
               Herbert Hochhauser, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University

5:30 PM - Kosher Dairy Dinner Buffet ($20, adults; $3, students)
               Purdue Memorial Union,, Anniversary Drawing Room, second floor
               RSVP by 11/10: Pay at door.

Krannert Auditorium, Purdue University
7:00 PM - Memories of Kristallnacht: We were There
               Johanna Gartenhaus, Joseph Haberer
               Moderator: Anna Berkovitz

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hillel Foundation, 912 W. State St., W. Lafayette
9:00 AM - University Religious Leaders
               Breakfast and Conversation with Peter Hays and Herbert Hochhauser
               Moderated by Joseph Haberer, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Purdue University

Fowler Hall, Stewart Center, Purdue University

7:30 PM - “The Integration of Little Rock Central High School: A 50 Year Perspective”
               Elizabeth Eckford, Ken Reinhardt, Ann Wedaman               

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

West Lafayette Public Library, 208 W. Columbia St.

4:30 PM - Heroes of the Holocaust: A Workshop for Teachers
               presented by Rabbi Shira Leibowitz