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Online resources available Shoah Foundation Website

As more and more students and educators are turning to the Web for resources, the Shoah Foundation is creating a variety of multimedia interactive exhibits on its Website that meet the need for dynamic educational tools.

Voices of the Holocaust: Children Speak
Voices of the Holocaust: Children Speak, an interactive English-language web exhibit specifically tailored for students ages 11 to 13, is now available on the Foundation's website. Narrated by actors Peter Coyote, Elijah Wood, and Natalie Portman, Children Speak highlights the stories of four survivors who were children during the Holocaust, and allows students to interact with them by exploring their testimonies in the context of universal themes and historical overviews. Archival film footage, a glossary, maps, and survivors' personal photos make the testimonies user-friendly and accessible.

Also available online are easy-to-use, downloadable lesson plans, geared towards a middle school audience, and predesigned student handouts that incorporate testimonies into lessons that focus on history, vocabulary, or geography.

Children Speak was made possible by a generous grant from the Severin Wunderman Family Foundation.

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Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust
Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust, the Shoah Foundation's award-winning educational CD-ROM is now available as an English language, interactive web exhibit on the Foundation's website. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Winona Ryder, the exhibit features the testimonies of four Holocaust survivors born in Europe before World War II. Their video testimonies introduce students to a wealth of information on the Holocaust and World War II, and underscore the importance of tolerance in their own lives, with themes that include identity, labels, and choices and consequences. Simple navigation among personal testimonies, maps, historical overviews, time lines, and glossary terms gives high school students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust web exhibit was funded through the generosity of the Leo Rosner Foundation.

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