Saturday, April 6 -Sunday, April 7

Stewart Center

Tuesday, April 9

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center

Gedalyah Engel
Education Award

See Program for details

Saturday, April 6 - Krannert Auditorium

6:00 - Paragraph 175
Introduced by David Shneer, discussion follows
Supported by: Purdue University LGBTQ Center

Sunday, April 7 - Stewart Center

12:30 - Registration

1:00 - Opennng Ceremonies

1:30 - Through Soviet Eyes: Photography, War and the Holocaust
David Shneer

2:30 - Connecting Holocaust Memories and Generational Perspectives from Postwar Czechoslovakia
Alena Heitlinger

3:30 - The Current Situation in Syria
Ambassador Feisal al-Istrabadi

Esther Chosnek

Teachers' Workshop

4:30 - Forgiving Dr. Mengele: A Survivor's Mission to Forgive, but Never Forget
Eva Kor

Eva Mozes Kor is a survivor of the Holocaust who, with her twin sister Miriam, was subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. Both of her parents and two older sisters were killed at the camp; only she and Miriam survived.

Eva Kor

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center from 4:30 until 8:00. This workshop is supported through funds from the Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship at Purdue University and is presented at no cost to participants by the Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference. During the workshop, Eva Kor will tell her unforgettable story of suffering, survival, and forgiveness. All workshop participants will receive a DVD of Eva's award-winning documentary, Forgiving Doctor Mengele, her memoir, Surviving the Angel of Death, and a host of thought-provoking, engaging lesson materials to take back to the classroom.

Workshop Details

Gedalyah Engel

To honor the work of Rabbi Engel, the Gedalyah Engel Education Award has been established by the GLHRC to support endeavors by local educators to educate and inspire their students to recognize discrimination, to stand up for minority groups and other vulnerable populations, and to speak out against manifestations of present-day hatred and prejudice.

The GLHRC will award annually a total of $2000 to educators who are actively teaching in schools in Tippecanoe and contiguous counties who submit successful proposals in one of the following categories:

  • Teacher Learning (e.g., an online or on campus course in Jewish Studies or Holocaust education, a travel opportunity to learn about the Holocaust) Educators applying in Category A must indicate how their learning will benefit students.
  • Classroom Projects (e.g., a student-produced collection of oral histories)
  • School-wide Projects (e.g., a school visit by an outside speaker or an interdisciplinary endeavor)
  • Student Travel (e.g., a field trip to a Holocaust museum as part of a unit on the Holocaust or a culminating activity to a unit of study)
  • Education Outreach (e.g., a service learning project)

Appllication Deadline: March 8, 2013
Award Details