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Workshop for Educators

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 4:30 - 8:00 p.m. • Purdue University Discovery Learning Center
The Discovery Learning Center is located on S. Martin Jischke Dr. View the campus map here (search for DLR).


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The 2014 Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference Educator Workshop features Johanna Reiss, whose autobiographical account of hiding from the Nazis as a young girl in Holland, The Upstairs Room, is a Trophy Newbery book. During the workshop, Johanna Reiss will tell the unforgettable story of her life in hiding and her eventual release. All workshop participants will receive a copy of The Upstairs Room and a packet of related teaching materials.


Dinner provided by Subway, Bauer Inc.


PGP Points

Certificates for 3 PGP points will be available to participants to submit to their districts. District policies differ. Please ask your administrator if this workshop qualifies.



To register, email Todd Golding, Jefferson High School World History teacher, (tgolding at lsc dot k12 dot in dot us). Please indicate your meal preference (vegetarian or non) and your interest in receiving a PGP certificate.


Space is limited to 50 participants, so register early and please forward this information to interested educators.


Book Description (from HarperCollins)

When the German army occupied Holland, Annie de Leeuw was eight years old. Because she was Jewish, the occupation put her in grave danger-she knew that to stay alive she would have to hide. Fortunately, a Gentile family, the Oostervelds, offered to help. For two years they hid Annie and her sister, Sini, in the cramped upstairs room of their farmhouse. Most people thought the war wouldn't last long. But for Annie and Sini -- separated from their family and confined to one tiny room -- the war seemed to go on forever.



Johanna de Leeuw Reiss has written a remarkably fresh and moving account of her own experiences as a young girl during World War II. Her picture of the Oosterveld family with whom she lived, and of Annie and Sini, reflects a deep spirit of optimism, a faith in the ingenuity, backbone, and even humor with which ordinary human beings meet extraordinary challenges. In the steady, matter-of-fact, day-by-day courage they all showed lies a profound strength that transcends the horrors of the long and frightening war. Here is a memorable book, one that will be read and reread for years to come.


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Gedalyah Engel Education Award


The Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committee is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Gedalyah Engel Education Award:


  • Kathy Nimmer, English teacher at Harrison High School, will use her award to purchase volumes of Holocaust poetry. Kathy's senior-level students will read, discuss, and analyze poetry that has emerged from the experience of the Holocaust and produce multi-dimensional presentations to illustrate their learning. ($1000)

  • Mary Eisert, English teacher at Wea Ridge Middle School, will initiate an extra-curricular student book club, Students of the Holocaust, at Wea Ridge. Mary's students will read fiction and non-fiction books about the Holocaust, and they will visit the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. museum in Terre Haute. ($500)


Educators interested in applying for an Engel Award should contact Sarah Powley, Co-Chair of the GLHRC. The window for submitting proposals will open in the fall. Applications will be due January 31, 2015.


A grant opportunity for area educators for projects that address issues related to genocide, discrimination, bullying, human rights, the Holocaust or lessons to be learned from the Holocaust:


Apply for funding, for example, to


• travel to Holocaust sites in Poland

• enroll in an online class on genocidedds

• study human rights in a class on campus

• create an oral history project with your students

• bring a speaker to your school

• initiate a diversity club at your school

• take a field trip to a Holocaust museum

• reach out to other students with an anti-bullying campaign


A total of $2000 will be awarded to individuals or teams of educators currently teaching in schools in Tippecanoe or contiguous counties.


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Education Award Application Details


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