The Week at a Glance

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Friday, April 4th
The Good, The Bad, and The Unthinkable
Opening Reception: A photographic exhibit by Donna Schurman

Shabbat Dinner with Donna Shurman

Sunday, April 6th
Opening Ceremonies
Candle of Remembrance, Candle of Hope
France Cordova: Opening Remarks
Christopher Browning: Remembering survival: Post-war testimonies from the Starachowice factory slave labor camps
Debra Kaufman: The Holocaust and Contemporary Jewish Identity
Joseph Haberer: On Kindertransports
Group Dinner (optional)

Mona Golabek: The Children of Willesden Lane Oral interpretation and piano performance

Monday,April 7th
University Religious Leaders Breakfast
A conversation with Christopher Browning and Debra Kaufman

Program for Middle and High School Students
Mona Golabek: The Children of Willesden Lane

David Shaheed, Thomas Ryba, Rabbi Pollack: Seeds for a United World: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue on the Muslim open letter, "A Common Word Between Us and You"

Tuesday, April 8th
Sarah Powley: Teaching the Music of The Children of Willesden Lane
A Seminar for Middle School and High School Teachers

Movie: Into the Arms of Strangers

Wednesday, April 9th
Janet Afary: The Holocaust Debate Inside Iran

Thursday, April 10th
Michael Hovey: Freedom of Conscience in the Face of Evil: The Interrupted Life and Death of Franz Jägerstätter

see program for details

A storm raged throughout the world,
Leaving people uprooted and homeless.
Without pity or justice, a world was destroyed.
The sun was torn from the heavens, and day turned into night.
There, not far, the Umschlagplatz lies waiting.

Treblinka Song: "A Storm Raged" As remembered by Frieda Radasky

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