The Week at a Glance

Sunday, April 10th
Open Ceremonies
Flame of Remembrance - Candle of Hope
Geoffry Giles: Purifying the Master Race
Zev Weiss: Past/Future

Monday, April 11th
University Religous Leaders breakfast

Tuesday, April 12th
Paul Benhamou: Antisemitism in France

Wednesday, April 13th
Movie: Rosenstrasse
Steven Carr: Discussion

Thursday, April 14th
Movie: Life is Beautiful

Saturday, April 16th
Claudia Stevens: An Evening with Madame F

see program for details

"…but the real obsenity isn't in printing the pictures of dead babies, it is our passivity which allows these people to be slaughtered."
Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times Feb.23, 2005

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