Related Events

Wednesday, March 24

  St. Thomas Acquinas Center, 535 W. State St., West Lafayette
12:00 PM Joe Haberer, a Kindertransport Child
University Religious Leaders

Thursday, March 25

    Happy Hollow Auditorium, West Lafayette
    1:15 PM Program for Elementary Students with Eva Kor.
For Information: Ackerman Center, 765.494.4755

Friday, March 28

  Hillel Foundation, 912 W. State St., West Lafayette
7:00 PM Shabbat Services and Dinner for Students
8:45 PM Informal Discussion with Zvi Gitelman
For Information: 743-1293

  Sons of Abraham, 661 N. 7th St., Lafayette
6:00 PM Shabbat Services
6:45 PM Shabbat Services
8:00 PM Informal Discussion with Hart Hasten

  Temple Israel, 620 Cumberland Ave., West Lafayette
7:30 PM Reni Winter, guest speaker,
The Holocaust: Second Generation Survivor

Monday, April 19


Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day