Special Holocaust Conference Photo Exhibit

Photographs as Witness 1944-47
Dr. Ruth Gruber
March 27 through April 19, 2003
Morton Community Center Room 106, West Lafayette, Indiana
Viewing times below

Opening Reception
March 27, 2003, 6:30 PM

Please join us to meet Dr. Gruber as she personally introduces her exhibit of Holocaust photos. Food and music by Lafayette Klezmorim.

    This special photo exhibit by Dr. Ruth Gruber will be a part of this year's annual Holocaust Remembrance Conference events. Dr. Ruth Gruber is one of three main speakers for the conference.

The photo exhibit includes 50-framed photos plus text panels for each. Included are:

  • Photos from Cyprus of survivors of Exodus '47.
  • Photos from Runnymede Park, the British prison ship that was used to transport refugees from Exodus '47 to Hamburg, Germany.
  • Photos from Fort Ontario of the survivors Gruber brought to the U.S.
  • Photos from Displaced Persons Camps in Germany and Austria.

The exhibit has been presented at community centers in Austin, Texas and Long Beach, California, the 92nd Street Y in New York City, and Gindi Auditorium in Los Angeles. The exhibit will provide an important educational resource about the Holocaust for all segments of the Lafayette Community.

Viewing times: March 27, 2003 through April 19, 2003: most mornings and some Saturdays (call for open times, 775-5120)

For More Information on this exhibit: Contact Edna Loehman at or call 742.7963