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Dear Friend:

Join us for The Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committees 21st Annual Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference, "Post-Holocaust Global Terrorism", Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24, 2002, in the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

The topic has special meaning for Americans and the world since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Hillel Fradkin, President, Ethics & Public Policy Center, Washington, DC,, opens the Conference on Saturday, March 23, with "Radical Islam & Global Terrorism." Grace Feuerverger, Child of Holocaust Survivors, University of Toronto Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, & author of Oasis of Dreams, will consider "Working Together for Common Needs", Harlington Wood, Jr., a U.S. Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Springfield, IL, with Native American concern will help us "Learn from Wounded Knee - A 1973 Footnote to 1890 American History." Come, ask questions. Saturday afternoon also includes Concurrent workshops. Saturday night Norman Salsitz, Jewish Survivor Rudolf Graichen, Jehovahs Witness Survivor, and Paul Parks, former GI, tell of their experiences during the Holocaust.

Sunday afternoon, March 24, the Mayors, Dave Heath & Sonya Margerum, share their Proclamation, followed by a memorial-tribute to Holocaust Victims and September 11 2001 casualties. Jin Xu, daughter of jailed Chinese Political Prisoner Wenli Xu, will alert us about her fathers condition. Resolutions follow. Lt. Col. Joseph Corrigan, native of West Lafayette, Pentagon Liaison to Congress, considers the "War Against Terrorism Since September 11." Todd Rosenblum, Senator Evan Bayhs Senior Advisor on Foreign Affairs & National Security, considers "Winning the War Against Terrorism". A panel offers student insight on "Terrorism in Our World Today."

We invite you to participate in a weekend of FREE events. There is a Saturday, Hebrew National Deli SUPPER and Sunday Lox & Bagel BRUNCH at Hillel. Both meals are Kosher and are modestly priced. Meals are provided at Purdue Hillel, 912 W. State St. West Lafayette. Join us for any or all activities. The program, bringing together high school and college students, faculty, and community, is supported by local businesses and individuals. Your contribution helps fund this Conference. Share the schedule. Spread the word about our human rights conference.


Marla Bluestein and Myra Mason Susan Prohofsky Rabbi Gedalyah Engel
Chairs Secretary Coordinator

Greater LafayetteHolocaust Remembrance Committee
448 Littleton, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906